Directory of Reef Ball Staff and Associates 



Color Key
Black=Reef Ball Foundation Services Division

Blue=Authorized Contractors

Purple=Reef Ball Foundation (RBF)                                      

Green=RBF Administrative Resources

Red=Scientific/Consultant/Outside Resource

Tan=Breakwater/Beach Restoration Resources (ACT)

Gold=Eternal Reefs (ER)

Teal=Reef Ball Coalition (RBC)




Dale Minnick /Coastal Reef Builders, Inc., Pensacola, FL
Dave Head, Reef Ball New Zealand+
Don Brawley /Eternal Reefs, Atlanta, GA; Reef Ball Foundation Board
Eric Krasle,  RBF Legal Council, Athens, GA; Reef Ball Foundation Board+
Miguel Cabral / Empaca, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic+
Enrique Chacon, Marenter, Cancun, Mexico
Eternal Reefs, Don Brawley & George Frankel, Atlanta, GA
Gary Gam, Special Projects, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
George Frankel, Eternal Reefs, Atlanta, GA
Joe Christiansen /Geothermal Energy Management, Charleston, SC+
Grey Bowman, Bowman Diving Services+
Gwen O’Loony, RBF Board, Ex-Athens Mayor, Athens, GA.+
Harry Rolfe /Reef Innovations Crew, Orlando/Sarasota, FL +
Javier Dagger, Comsolada, Yucatan, Mexico+
J. Wade, Reef Ball Foundation Board+
Jason Seeley, Reef Ball Coalition, Greenville, SC, RBF Board
Jeff Allain / Parker Beach Restoration, Naples, FL+
Jerry Barber, RBF Board, Greenville, SC+ 
Jim Strack,  RBF System/Network Analyst, Woodstock, GA+
Joe Kelly, Reef Ball Mini Model Mold Designer, Atlanta, GA
John Walch /Coral Propagation and Transplant Team Leader & Trainer, Phoenix, AZ , Reef Ball Foundation Board+
Kathy Kirbo, Executive Director,  Reef Ball Foundation, Atlanta, GA+
Kathy Fitzpatrick, Sea Systems, USA, Martin Co. FL+
Larry Beggs / Reef Innovations , Orlando, FL, RBF Board, VP of Quality Control+
Laura Carrizo Barber / Reef Ball Spanish Translator, Bradenton, FL+
Dr. Lee Harris, Florida Institute of Technology, RBF Board, Breakwater Consultant +
Lena Jankowsky /Reef Ball Coalition, Greenville, SC, RBF Board
Luis Manuel Álvarez Fernández-Soria / ASPO , Asturias, Spain +
Mack Martin, Scuba Gear Rep.+
Mario and Enrique Chacon /Marenter, Cancun, Mexico+
Thomas Meyer/Marilim, Kiel, Germany +
Mario Chacon, Marenter, Cancun, Mexico
Marjo van den Bulck, Reef Ball Foundation Coral Propagation and Transplant Trainer
Marsha Pardee Woodring, Sea Systems, Turks & Cacios Islands+
Mary Ann Lucking/CORALations, Collebra, Puerto Rico+
Mike King, CORL, Grand Rapids, MI, Reef Ball Foundation Board+
Mike Burhans, CEMEX, Sarasota, FL
Capt. Peter Clark, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Watch, seawall and under dock reef ball advise
 Rafael Semidei , Reef Ball Puerto Rico+
Todd R. Barber, CEO  / Reef Ball Foundation Services Division., Bradenton, FL Chairman, RB Foundation
Reef Ball Foundation, Kathy Kirbo, Exec. Dir., Atlanta, GA+
Reef Innovations, Larry Beggs, Pres., Orlando, FL+
Dr. Richard E. Spieler, Nova Southwestern, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Consulting Fish Biologist/Scientific Research
Rick Conlin, W.R. Grace / RBF liaison, Chicago, IL+
Robbie Duke / Reef Innovations Plant Manager, Bradenton, FL+
Sara Cirelli, SC Consulting, London, England Red Mangrove Plantings, Coral Propagation Team Member
Fran & Josh Loney /Sea Search of Virginia, Norfolk, VA+
Sharon Brangers  RBF Accountant, Alpharetta, GA+
Steve Shelton / Reef Innovations Crew, Venice, FL
Tanya Streeter, World Record Free diver, Reef Ball Foundation Honorary Board Member
Tom Maher / Reef Ball Foundation Monitoring & Permitting, Tallahassee, FL+
Tony Eubanks; Accounting Consultant, Reef Ball Foundation Board+
Wayne Young, Maryland Environmental Service, Baltimore, MD+
Wendy Nalven, Gulliver's Travels,  RBF Travel Agent+
Wong Kasing / Reef Ball Asia, KL Malaysia+

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