Following are Certificates of Recognition of Reef Ball Coral Team Volunteers and their levels of achievement and training.  If you wish to print out your certificate, right click on your name then choose Save Target As, then save the file to your hard drive and open it with Microsoft Word.  Print on High Quality to any photo type printer.  If your name is incomplete or mis-spelled or you cannot find your certificate, please email and we will correct it.  If we have your CV, Resume, Coral Experience Letter or other document of your skills, it should be on-line here.  If it is not, send it to us to be placed online.  Team Members with online resumes have a better chance for selection in future projects.  

Clients that own Reef Balls or Reef Ball molds are only allowed to attach corals to Reef Balls using the Reef Ball Attachment Adapter System or systems approved by the Reef Ball Foundation Coral Team.  Additionally, system use requires a current certificate of training from the Reef Ball Coral Team which last for 3 years.  They can be renewed by participation in a Reef Ball Coral Team volunteer project, or by having The Reef Ball Foundation provide on-site retraining.  


coralteam/AlPalumbo.doc expires 8/20/2006

Dr. Alfredo Torruell Resume

coralteam/AndreGovia.doc expires 3/1/2007

Andy Wilson CV

coralteam/ArdyVanGrootveld.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/AshtonWilliams.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/BettiColombo.doc expires 1/1/2005

coralteam/BillHorn.doc expires 2/1/2007

coralteam/Bob Fluke.doc expires 8/20/2006

coralteam/BobBixby.doc expires 8/20/2006

coralteam/CharlieParker.doc expires 1/1/2005

Coraggio Maglio Resume

coralteam/DavidLennon.doc expires 3/1/2007
David Lennon - Curriculum Vitae

coralteam/DebbieOHara.doc expires 2/1/2007

Richard Stone CV

coralteam/donward.doc expires 2/1/2007

Doug Gaffney Professional Letter

coralteam/Doug Hollingsworth.doc

coralteam/coralteamresumes/Dr phillips resume.pdf

coralteam/erickrasle.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/FedericoCarrilloRiquelme.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/GaryCampbell.doc expires 8/20/2006

coralteam/gurmitkaur.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/HeatherAndrus.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/JenniferAicher.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/johnmaclary.doc expires 8/20/2006

coralteam/JohnNoll.doc expires 8/20/2006

John Walch Coral Resume Non-Expiring

coralteam/JulieMorgan.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/KathyKirbo.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/larrybeggs.doc Non-Expiring

coralteam/LeslieHenry.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/LornaSlade.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/lynnandrus.doc expires 3/1/2007

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Lee Harris

coralteam/marcdamon.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/MarioChacon.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/marjovandenbulck.doc Non-expiring
coralteam/coralteamresumes/marjovanderbulck Resume

coralteam/MarkCurtis.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/MarshaPardee.doc Non-Expiring

coralteam/MartinDudley.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/MaureenKuenen.doc expires 3/1/2004

coralteam/MorrisClarke.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/MauriceClark.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/MikeKing.doc Non-Expiring

Michael Marshall CVJ

coralteam/PeterVermeijo.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/RomeoFrank.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/SaraCirelli.doc expires 3/1/2007
Sara Cirelli CV.pdf

coralteam/ShanonChader.doc expires 3/1/2007
Shannon A. Chader Resume

coralteam/SteveBronstien.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/stevemoore.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/StuartGriffith.doc expires 3/1/2007

coralteam/ToddBarber.doc Non-Expiring
Todd Barber Resume